Dear writers and artists,

Portland Review is currently accepting submissions for its Spring 2018 issue.

Below are our general guidelines for all submissions. Genre specific guidelines can be found within the categories listed below.

Please include a cover letter with your submission, including the total word count. All work will be considered for publication in our upcoming print issue as well as on our website. If you would prefer to be considered for only print or only web publication, please specify in your cover letter.

We are generally looking for unique voices and publish quality writing. We also like to display the multitudes of Portland, especially those whose voices have been pushed out of the literary mainstay.

Portland Review accepts simultaneous submissions, but please immediately withdraw your work via Submittable if it is accepted elsewhere. If one work out of a collection of poems or images needs to be withdrawn but the other works in the collection are still available, please email us with the title of the withdrawn piece and we will note it on your submission.

We do not accept previously published material. You may resubmit a work we have previously rejected if the work has been significantly revised, but you must wait until the next reading period to resubmit.

Unless the editors have solicited work from you directly, we ask all students of Portland State University's creative writing program to wait four years after graduating to submit to the Portland Review.

Portland Review compensates all print contributors with one copy of the issue in which their work appears, and offers contributors additional copies at a discounted rate.

By submitting your work to Portland Review, you confirm that you hold full copyright on all work submitted and agree to allow Portland Review print and distribution rights for both print and online publication. You also permit the editors of Portland Review to edit your work, within reason. Authors and artists will be contacted regarding edits and distribution prior to publication.

All submissions are read between the months of September and December, so you can expect to hear back from us then.

Thank you for contributing. We look forward to reading your work!

The Editors
Portland Review

Ends on October 31, 2017

We will consider submissions of up to 5,000 words. We will only consider one submission at a time. Unless otherwise necessary for the piece, please double-space your work and use a standard (Times New Roman or equivalent) 12 point font.

Ends on October 31, 2017
We publish narrative nonfiction, personal essays, and memoir. We will consider submissions of up to 5,000 words, and we will only consider one story per submission. Unless otherwise necessary for the format, please double-space your work and use a standard (Times New Roman or equivalent) 12 point font.
Ends on October 31, 2017

We will consider submissions with up to three poems. Poems must be contained within a single document of no more than ten pages in total length.

Ends on October 31, 2017

For our upcoming print issue, we will consider full-color and black and white, high-contrast images for the interior and cover. If you wish to be our featured artist, please submit at least six different images. All images will also be considered for publication on our website.

Please only submit work for print publication if you have high-quality, high-resolution digital formats available. If you are unable to provide high-resolution files, your work will only be considered for web publication.